Deno water cooled compressors

Originally manufactured under the name of : van Duijvendijk en van Overbeek or D&O.
The water cooled compressors are using fresh water or seawater except for models
2K20, 2K25, 2K28 and 2K30 which are using fresh water but can modified for sea water if required.
Deno equipment is used in ships, industrial uses, power stations and other works.

Deno Marine Air Filters

Maximum pressure up to 40 barCompressed air
Compressed air is an excellent source for safe and clean energy with a wide range of applications. However, compressed air systems are dependent on clean air. By using the right type of filter, elements such as condensate, dirt, dust, oil, exhaust gasses and vapours, are extracted. Also, used compressor-fluids, metal parts and rust can be eliminated.
Deno equipment is used in: ships, off shore industry, power stations

Deno Marine Air Recievers

Air receivers complete with valve head are delivered meeting the requirements of the major international classification societies. The shut-off valves, safety valves and control armatures are arranged in a central and space saving way at the valve head.