Valves, pipes, fittings and related equipment

Valves, pipes, fittings and related equipment


Quick-closing valves

Econ quick-closing valves are designed to quickly shut off fuel and lube oil lines by remote control in case of an emergency. For this purpose, they come standard with an easily exchangeable mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic control. Evidently, Econ quickclosing valves satisfy the criteria of all relevant classification agencies. Every quick-closing valve can be supplied with a complete activation system.


Aluminum valves

Weight reduction is becoming an increasingly important factor in selecting valves and components. Thus the obvious choice of aluminium as a material with a weight only about 35% of that of iron. As a result of continuous research and product development, Econosto offers you a line of aluminium valves and components of superior quality. Used correctly these accessories have an extremely long lifespan.

Signal systems

The extensive range of Zöllner products includes compressed air and electric horns, bells, gongs, Automatic Control Devices, Alarm Indicator Columns and sound detection systems. These products are used both above and below deck on board of seagoing vessels, inland shipping and yachts. Benefits: tested designs based on many years of experience and  craftsmanship,convenient assembly, reliable, and maintenance free.



Econ® hydraulic remote valve systems

Econosto developed for quarter turn valves a serie of high grade hydraulic actuators designed to convert hydraulic energy into a 90 degrees outgoing rotation. The hydraulic working pressure gives the compact actuator a high outgoing moment, whereby the robust construction guarantees a high degree of reliability. In its fully equipped workshop Econosto assembles actuators and valves into optimally working systems. The hydraulic actuators are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and optionally for submerged application. Applications include ballast, fuel, cargo, bilge and fire-fighting systems. Models: double action, single action, electric-hydraulic and complete systems.


Cargo tank level measurement systems
Level gauging systems contain high grade components for gauging level, temperature and pressure. The system is based on the radar level gauging system and already in use for many years on seagoing tankers. Over the past years, this system has been modified for inland tankers (IWACS) to satisfy the most recent ADNR requirements for type ‘N’ and ‘C’ tankers. Many systems have been supplied, installed and put into operation already. Helped by the experiencebased responses of ship owners, Econosto has had the IWACS system improved and developed in many aspects, including monitoring software.


Econ® High Performance butterfly valves

HP butterfly valves are used especially for heavy duty applications such as cargo valves for corrosive media. The past 15 years, the butterfly valves have demonstrated their value in such environments as chemicals tankers. The features of the standard model are: standard wafer type, optional lug type or double flange type; fit for open/shut uses; conduits: DN50 through DN1200; pressure stages PN10/16 and PN25/40; ANSI 150 and 300#; temperature range: -45 to +260; optional with fire-safe certificates as per BS 6755/API 607, TA-Luft and Bureau Veritas for chemicals tankers. Plus, the butterfly valves are available in our workshop for procurement and inspection by various classification socities. We also offer special models for cryogen, PSA/VSA, high temperature, regulating version and high pressure.

Georg Fischer plastic piping systems

The use of plastics on board inland and seagoing shipping is on the rise. Econosto adequately responds to this development with its broad range of plastic piping systems by Georg Fischer. There is a strong increase in installations using piping systems for hot and cold fresh water, water treatment, grey and black water, ballast and refrigeration pipes, and air extraction on board navy vessels, coasters, cruise ships, offshore vessels, and oil rigs. The benefits of plastic piping systems include zero impact from corrosion, lightweight, and rapid assembly. This saves you dry-dock time and maintenance costs. It also guarantees a fast and labour efficient installation process.