As the world’s No. 1 producer of tire cord, the Industrial Materials Performance Group is leading the global market, while seeking the development of new materials through continued investment in R&D.

Based on years of experience and technological capabilities, Hyosung offers a vast range of motors from low to high voltage.
With the capacity to produce a 20,000kW motor and automatic production lines, Hyosung produces more than 40,000 motors per month and supplies them to domestic and overseas customers who recognize outstanding quality. We will provide advanced products which are lighter and more efficient.

EOT Crane & Gantry Crane

EOT (Electric Overhead Travelling) and gantry cranes are the most general types used in industrial sites. Hyosung’s EOT satisfies the demand of customers with convenient and optimized workplaces.

The EOT (Electric Overhead Travelling) cranes transport the cargo while moving on the rails on the wall or column inside of a building; the gantry cranes are used outdoors. While the basic gantry crane configuration is identical with the EOT crane, it has legs at the end of the crane. Both cranes are the most common manufacturing cranes used to handling raw materials or products in general factories, power generation turbine plants, iron or steel plants, and ship blocks. The available capacity of the crane is from 1 to 1,000 tons.

High safety and reliability
Latest automation technology based on the position control techniques

EOT crane
up to 450t (lift capacity)
Gantry crane
up to 700t (lift capacity)

LLC & Jib Crane

LLC (Level Luffing Cranes) and jib crane are used to assemble ship blocks and loading or unloading cargo in harbors. From the design stage, Hyosung communicates with its customers for satisfying various operational conditions.

LLC and Jib cranes are used to assemble ship blocks in the shipyard. They move on the rails on the wall inside the shipyard and their boom can move up and down and turn in a variety of directions; according to the position of the boom, the life load changes.

A wealth of experience delivering to large-scaled shipyards
Up to 110 ton (lift capacity)

Bulk handling facility

Bulk handling facility conveys coal, cement, and fertilizer, widely used in harbors, power plants, and general industrial factories.

Hyosung’s bulk handling systems are supplied to cement or fertilizer factories or harbors for loading the bulk cargo conveyed by the conveyor on a ship using a dedicated chute. It has also been delivered to a domestic thermoelectric power plant.
Various solutions offered according to the cargo type
Solutions according to load capacity per hour and dirt removal provided
Up to 1,000 ton/hour (transportation capacity)